Nevada Online Gambling Sites

Welcome to, the home of online gambling sites accepting Nevada residents. As you come on this journey with us, you're going to learn about several things as it relates to online gaming in Nevada. If you live there (chances are you do if you're here), you already know about the plethora of options available in Las Vegas & Reno, but you may not know that everything you can do there, can be done on your laptop or desktop PC at home. If not, hold on to your hat because times have changed as have the laws about on gambling in Nevada.

As we go through our checklist of things to discuss, we're going to show you a lot of specific options which you may or may not be inclined to use. If you like the gambling sites listed here, by all means use them. We know these websites to be trusted which means that Nevada residents will be safe when gambling with these websites. You can also venture outside of what's list and we're going to tell you, there are a lot more options. There are enough options to make your head spin which is another reason we've taken the time to present the facts about Nevada online gambling sites on our own website.

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Is online gambling legal in Nevada?

Well, it's Nevada. Home of Las Vegas and Reno, the true home of legal gambling in the U.S. It's only natural to expect online gambling to be legal here and as of 2013, it is!

In the early months of 2013, Nevada joined several other states in the passage of legislation that would provide for the regulation (and taxation) of online gambling within it's borders. Initially, it took some time to get off the ground but there are now online gambling sites that are legal for Nevada residents currently operating on the web.

Right now, selection is still limited and is still going to recommend several offshore portals where Nevada residents can gamble in a safe environment. When more Nevada regulated gaming websites come online, you can be sure to find them on this website. Enjoy!

Nevada Gambling Laws

We have found that the Nevada gambling laws are compacted into a fairly long list. The state is known for being that which has the most active gambling industry, and this means there are quite a few different laws pertaining to games in the state of Nevada. The laws can all be found online.

As for the online gambling laws, the Nevada legislature passed bills that now allow the state to regulate online gambling within it's borders. They allow gambling websites, many based in the UK and other countries, to apply for a license to begin offering legal gambling to it's citizens in a controlled, regulated manner.

Legality of Nevada Gambling Sites

As of 2013, there is no longer any issue with the legality of online gambling sites that accept Nevada residents. That is because Nevada has now started granting licenses to online gaming operators that meet the standards put forth by the state.

This is awesome news for the industry and it will continue to grow as time passes. Plus, the state will set an example for others being that it is actually the first state to offer online gambling to it's residents.

So, if you're a Nevada resident, be looking forward to the future of online gambling where you live.

Nevada Sports Betting Sites

Sports bettors will find that there is no longer a need to visit a live sportsbook for wagering, as there are online sportsbooks accepting Nevada residents out there to take action on any line you could imagine. These online sportsbooks offer higher convenience, security, and more options for gambling than what any live sportsbook could have at their disposal.

Is Online Sports Wagering Legal In Nevada?

Luckily, Nevada was one of the few states already allowed to have sports betting thanks to PASPA which is a Federal gambling law. With the state having a history of regulated bookmaking prior to the passage of the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act, it made the regulation of online betting that much easier.

Now, Nevada residents are free to wager on sports at websites approved by the state, but know that the sports betting sites, like the ones listed below, have and will always accept those who want to bet. In fact, these are some of the most trusted sportsbooks that Nevada residents can use.

5Dimes Sportsbook - Preferred By Veteran Sports Bettors

5Dimes Sportsbook5Dimes is the number one sportsbooks we had looked into. We found that they offer their players a fairly large number of betting odds with even more betting types.

They have a free 50% match on top of your first deposit, which is more free money for betting than any live sportsbook would offer, plus you're not going to find too many live bookmakers that will give you 5% reduced juice either like 5Dimes is fond of doing.

Funding your account with 5Dimes is incredibly easy, as they have a slew of different credit cards and e-wallets. VISA credit, debit, and gift cards work for Nevada residents as do methods like using a wire transfer. Any way that you choose 5Dimes will have a reliable method to make deposits as well as receive money from the sportsbook.

Best Sports Betting Sites For Nevada Residents
Online Sportsbooks Bonuses Top Sports To Wager Visit
BetOnline Sportsbook 25% To $1,000 - Every Deposit NFL, MLB, MMA, NHL VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 75% To $1,000 Match NFL, College Basketball VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% To $250 Match College Sports, NBA, MLB VISIT
Nevada Online Casinos

The different online casinos legal in Nevada are those that we had looked into first. The casinos we have at our disposal are amongst the best online, giving players access to the many games that are available to players in a live, land based casino. While you will not have the social encounters you would in a casino such as the Bellagio, you will be able to play the same games you would find in these casinos.

Are Online Casinos Legal For Nevada Residents?

In fact, they are. As mentioned previously, Nevada has an array of new laws that have now made it so that regulation can be put in place. Now that it's done, the state can get it's piece of the online gambling revenue from it's residents which had previously been unreported.

Since the passage of the laws, the state has been slow in granting the licenses but it is happening. Below are a few of our recommendations. Not all of these online casinos have been regulated by Nevada, but they are licensed where they operate and they are 100% safe for Nevada players.

Lucky Red - New Players Receive 400%, $4K Slots Up Bonus

Lucky Red CasinoLucky Red Casino is one of the most powerful casinos online. They offer their players a 400% match to $4,000, which is part of their power. The bonus is unlocked through the bonus code LUCKYRED400, and you will be able to win some serious cash off their slots with this promotion.

We have determined that you will be able to deposit very easily, with such options as prepaid vouchers, Western Union, money orders and instant transfer electronic methods like VISA and MasterCard, both of which are accepted here along with American Express. With each option at your disposal, you should have no problem funding your account and accessing the over 100 games that they offer.

Club World Casino - $777 Welcome Bonus Package

Club World CasinoThe RTG software powers Club World Casino. The choice on this software has managed to add in over 100 games through their casino, with more than 50 different variants of slot. Some of the largest live casinos do not offer quite as many options on their slots.

Club World Casino offers a generous bonus of 100% match to $777 to Nevada players. The bonus is activated with the promotional code BIGSLOT, which will infuse your account with a good amount of extra cash.

High Noon - $2,000 First Deposit First Deposit Bonus

High Noon CasinoHigh Noon is another casino that has been highly recommended by their players. We have found that High Noon offers a substantial welcome bonus package, as well as a set of different deposit methods.

The bonus code HIGHNOON100 activates a bonus of 200% to $2,000, with other bonuses right behind it. Each bonus through High Noon is better than the last, so you will always have some extra cash in your account. High Noon is easily one of the most generous casinos online, as found in their bonuses and payouts.

Best Online Casinos For Nevada Residents
Online Casinos Deposit Bonuses Bonus Codes Software Visit
Lucky Red Slots Bonus: 400% - $4,000 LUCKYRED400 RTG VISIT
Club World Slots Bonus: 100% - $777 BIGSLOT RTG VISIT
Aladdin's Gold Slots Bonus: 200% - $2,000 No Code Needed RTG VISIT
High Noon Slots Bonus: 200% - $2,000 HIGHNOON100 RTG VISIT
Las Vegas USA Slots Bonus: 400% - $10,000 400BONUS RTG VISIT
BetOnline Slots Bonus: 100% - $1,000 SLOTS100 RTG VISIT
All Star Slots Slots Bonus: 100% - $787 ALLSTAR1 RTG VISIT
SportsBetting Slots Bonus: 100% - $1,000 100SLOTS RTG VISIT
Manhattan Slots Slots Bonus: 100% - $747 (2x) No Code Needed RTG VISIT
Legal Nevada Poker Sites

Poker players can also turn to the Internet to get in on the action. Though there are not as many online poker rooms as there once was, there are still several to go around. We have found that online poker can be played through a handful of sites, though the best Nevada poker sites are the only ones you should choose...and not necessarily the ones that are regulated. We'll get into that in a second.

Is It Legal To Play Online Poker In Nevada?

Seeing that online poker was the first option to become regulated in Nevada, it is absolutely legal for Nevada residents to play online poker for real-money, or even for free. The state granted licensure for poker websites to gambling operators with roots inside it's borders i.e. land-based casinos that are licensed in Nevada.

This was a great move as resident can open, verify, fund and get paid all by visiting the cage within a Nevada land-based casino, but there were some drawbacks at first.

Since Nevada was one of few states to have online poker regulated, only those living in Nevada could play which created low traffic at the tables. Despite the benefits, poker players still tend to go to traditional poker websites that welcome Nevada players which have been in existence after the Black Friday shutdown. Below, we have presented those sites so you can check up on what each has to offer. Registration is always free and there is no commitment to deposit.

BetOnline Poker - #1 Nevada Poker Gambling Site

BetOnline PokerBetOnline poker is one of the best for many reasons, primarily due to their level of customer satisfaction. BetOnline has been in the business of gambling for almost two decades. In this time they have made one of the most intuitive poker rooms around.

BetOnline poker gives their users access to a set of tables that include both cash games and tournaments. Their stakes run low to high, and they provide all of their users with one of the best bonuses online. A 200% match to $1,000 can be collected when you sign up with BetOnline.

Their deposit methods include international purchase capable VISA credit/debit/gift/prepaid card as well as two forms of wire transfers that allow Nevada residents to fund their accounts by using cash or even credit.

Best Online Poker Sites For Nevada Residents
Online Poker Rooms Deposit Bonuses Average Traffic Visit
BetOnline Poker 200% Match Good To $1,000 8,000+ Players VISIT
SportsBetting Poker 200% Match Good To $1,000 8,000+ Players VISIT
Nevada Gambling FAQ

Are these gambling sites operated by any of the major U.S. gambling companies?

The gambling sites shown here on are all individual entities located outside of the United States. They are all licensed by well-respected agencies like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, who have been overseeing a large number of online poker rooms, sportsbooks and casinos since 1996.

Does the Nevada legal gambling age count through these gambling sites?

The legal gambling age in Nevada is 21 years of age, although some online gambling sites will allow residents to create accounts with them at 18. Many gambling sites do ask that users meet the minimum age to gamble in Nevada, however this is not a deal-breaker, as many Nevada residents over 18 years old have no issues betting online.

I have heard that Nevada residents are not allowed to use unregulated gambling sites, is this true?

Federal legislation makes online gambling sites based/operating inside of the United States unlawful. The casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms promoted on this website are however, not located here and remain outside of U.S. jurisdiction. Only the act of operating a betting site on U.S. soil is illegal, not the act of placing a bet. Nevada residents may feel assured that they are lawfully able to wager online with sites that are legal such as the ones that we suggest.

Is the government of Nevada attempting to regulate online gambling?

In February of 2013, the State of Nevada passed legislation making online gambling legal in the state and under the same rules of law that live casinos are governed by. Only residents from Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada are able to utilize these interstate online gambling agreements as the new laws are in their infancy. The sites which we suggest are not affiliated with this as they are located outside of the United States and have been legal for Nevada residents to use for years.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings through online gambling sites?

As is the case with any income in the United States, the federal government asks its citizens to report any gambling winnings or additional earnings on their annual federal income tax return documents. Although there is no governing agency monitoring your activity and winnings from online gambling, it is entirely up to the user to determine what and when they report as foreign sites offer no tax forms for American citizens.

Are these gambling sites open 24 hours a day?

Yes. The fun never stops through these gambling sites which is part of their beauty; anytime, day or night, a Nevada resident can log-in and play all their favorite casino games, bet on sports or play poker which is just like Nevada's land-based gaming establishments.

How quickly can I be paid if I win through these gambling sites?

Most residents of Nevada elect to receive their winnings in the form of a check by courier which usually arrives in about 10 business days. With that said, there are alternative delivery methods, such as cash wire transfers, which can have funds back to the user in less than 36 hours of making a withdrawal request.

How secure are these gambling sites?

Most of these sites have been in operation for decades and are thriving successful businesses. They have ample security, customer support and solid banking transactions which millions of users have had no trouble with.

NOTE - We are not licensed attorneys, but do follow the news in the state... especially when it comes to legal gambing purposes. As for what we do, we want to educate you and to show you all of the the very best legal online gambling sites that welcome Nevada players, nothing more. This site is for reference purposes only and if you choose to gamble online, you will be doing so at your own accord. See for more information about legal gambling in the United States.

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